About Us


Our Mission

To provide wholesome Legal Education that integrates values and ethics dedicated to the development of
responsible leaders and citizens who are committed advocates of law and community partners in problem
solving and decision making.

Our Objectives

In the pursuit of the Vision and Mission of the institution, the School of Law endeavors to:

1. Become an exponent of Legal Education enriched with:

  • Core Values and Ethics;
  • Trends in State and International Standards in Law and jurisprudence.

2. Produce Lawyers and Professionals with the following mindset:

  • Committed advocates of Law and Order;
  • Responsible, Dependable, and Dedicated members of the community;
  • Service-oriented partners of society in problem solving and decision making;
  • Instrument of sensible development;
  • Functional Leaders.

Outreach & Extension

The School of Law is committed to helping the community in any way we can using our expertise on law, the justice system, and other  legal issues. We collaborate with other schools and organizations to help provide our knowledge whenever and wherever needed.

Linkages & Networking

The School of Engineering and Architecture partnered with industries and organizations for active and professional involvement of students and alumni towards program enhancement.

Partner Industries:


TI Philippines, Inc.

Baguio-Based Construction Firms