About Us


Our Mission

The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in a global community. At the School of Law, our mission is to educate and empower individuals to become exceptional legal professionals in a global community. With academic excellence as a guidepost, we provide a comprehensive legal education that not only fosters critical thinking and cultivates ethical and professional values, but also promotes love of country and holistic development within an environment that encourages learning.

Our Objectives

In the pursuit of Academic Excellence, Intellectual Integrity, and Primacy of the Rule of Law, the UB School of Law aims to:

1. Foster Academic Excellence: The UB School of Law shall provide a rigorous and comprehensive legal education that will produce graduates who are advocates of justice and fairness. It strives to ensure a high standard of teaching, encouraging critical thinking and analytical skills, and facilitating research and scholarly activities among faculty and students.

2. Advance Ethical and Professional Values: The School of Law shall foster a strong sense of professionalism and promoting integrity, honesty, and accountability in legal practice. By emphasizing ethical conduct and professional values, the School of Law will contribute to the development of responsible and ethical legal professionals who are socially aware and possess a genuine love for their country.

3. Establish an environment that fosters learning: The School of Law shall promote interactive and engaging teaching and learning processes, balanced with extra-curricular activities to encourage critical thinking and creativity. It shall endeavor to create a sense of community among faculty, staff, and students in order to facilitate holistic development.

Outreach & Extension

The School of Law is committed to helping the community in any way we can using our expertise on law, the justice system, and other  legal issues. We collaborate with other schools and organizations to help provide our knowledge whenever and wherever needed.

Linkages & Networking

The School of Engineering and Architecture partnered with industries and organizations for active and professional involvement of students and alumni towards program enhancement.

Partner Industries:


TI Philippines, Inc.

Baguio-Based Construction Firms